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South Florida and Massachusetts Short Sale Attorney


From 2002 through 2005, the South Florida and Boston real estate industry went through one of the biggest booms in American history. However, after hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, the South Florida economy and real estate market began to fall.  Coupled with the banking / lending industry going into a free-fall state from 2007 until recently, Florida and Massachusetts' real estate market continued its downward trend. Today, the nation’s economy has continued its rapid decline into one of the worst recessions in sixty (60) years and despite some turnaround in the marketplace, many property owners still cannot afford their homes anymore.  At the Law Offices of Ira Evan Weintraub, P.A., we are of the belief that our real estate owner and investors clients should be presented with and evaluate all of their possible alternatives instead of walking away and losing their home to foreclosure.  To that effect, a short sale may offer the best alternative to a distressed home owner. 


In some situations, a short sale offers a possible alternative to and solution to losing the property to foreclosure.  Simply, a short sale is the sale of a property for less than the amount owed to the bank.  However, a short sale is not without its share of possible negative effects, including damage to your credit score, having to pay income taxes, or possibly being saddled with a deficiency judgment.  At the Law Offices of Ira Evan Weintraub, P.A., we strategically work and negotiate with lenders to avoid or minimize any negative effects in short sales. 


South Florida and Boston Short Sale Attorney


South Florida and Boston residential, commercial and investment property short sale attorney Ira Evan Weintraub has substantial experience in successfully negotiating, drafting, reviewing, closing, and providing title insurance on all types of short sales, from primary residences to commercial and investment property.  At the Law Offices of Ira Evan Weintraub, P.A., we will discuss with you your options and can offer sound advice in the short sale of your property including:

· Review your loan documents.

· Work with real estate brokers and agents regarding the short sale of your property.

· Advise you on the potential consequences of a short sale, including potential negative effects, such as damage to your credit score, having to pay income taxes on cancellation of debt income, and potentially being liable for a deficiency judgment.

· Negotiate with your lender(s) for a “win-win” outcome.

· Draft, review and negotiate the purchase and sale contracts.

· Review and resolve any title issues that may arise in connection with the short sale.

· Attend the closing on the sale of your property and act as closing attorney.

· Prepare title insurance.

If you are in a pre-foreclosure situation or want to consider whether a short sale is the right avenue for you, time is of the essence. At the Law Offices of Ira Evan Weintraub, P.A., we handle delicate short sale negotiations with the bank in a delicate and timely manner.  The firm is both efficient and effective in negotiating and closing successful short sales. In his career, South Florida and Boston short sale attorney Ira Evan Weintraub has successfully negotiated many short sales with lenders for his clients.  In most cases, but not all, he has been able to successfully negotiate any financial liability to his clients.

Experienced South Florida and Massachusetts Short Sale Legal Representation 

If you or your business is struggling with making house payments or business real estate payments and want to consider your options, including a short sale, the Law Offices of Ira Evan Weintraub, P.A. is ready to fulfill your needs with a personal and compassionate approach.  At the Law Offices of Ira Evan Weintraub, P.A., a dedicated attorney with over a decade of experience has the capability, trust, reputation and diligence to provide personal service with an emphasis on communication and to handle virtually any real estate closing need, issue or dispute.  When you need a dependable attorney to represent you in a residential, commercial or investment property short sale, contact the Law Offices of Ira Evan Weintraub, P.A. toll free at (877) 570-8478 or at (954) 336-9152 to schedule a free initial consultation.  With offices in Florida and Massachusetts, our attorneys represent residential and commercial property owners and tenants throughout Florida, including Avenutra, Miami, Miami-Dade County, Fort Lauderdale, Tamarac, Margate, Coral Springs, Parkland, Broward County, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, to Massachusetts, including Boston, Cambridge, Newton, Wellesley, Brookline, Waltham, South Boston, and Lexington, and across the nation. We are committed to providing you and your business with individualized, strategic and results-oriented representation. 


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